5 Advantages of DISSOLVING Cleaning Pacs vs. Traditional Cleaners

Packaging is evolving across all different industries. Food, electronics, you name it. And the trends are heading towards two key themes in particular:

Product differentiation --- standing out from the crowd on the shelves and online.

Sustainable solutions --- making things cheaper and better for the planet. 


Lots of cleaning products are available in dissolving versions now. You might know of a certain laundry detergent pod that dissolves. Well, picture that technology, but for (almost) all other cleaning products.

So what are the TRUE advantages to switching to dissolving pacs? Let’s take a look...

1. Exact portions every time.

Portion control = savings. It also means that environmental service staff is cleaning effectively every time. No more diluted cleaners not getting the job done and no more wasting large amounts of chemicals by relying on imprecise measurements. 

2. No excess inner packaging. 

When the small pac dissolves fully into the water inside your cleaning bottle or soap dispenser, that means no plastic being thrown away in that step of the process. It might not seem like much, but when you repeat this action hundreds, thousands, and millions of times, it really adds up. Far too much of the world’s plastics wind up in oceans and landfills, and we aim to stop that from happening. 


3. Avoid a mess. 

Disposable single use systems often mean major messes. Disposable hand soap cartridges and bladder systems can leave enough residue to prevent the plastic from being recycled. But by using dissolving Hand Soap Dispener pacs, this problem is cleaned right up.




4. Prevent exposure to harsh concentrates.

With other cleaning solutions, employees can potentially be exposed to harmful chemicals --- especially when solutions are mixed or used in error. The simple nature of the ChemPacs cleaning delivery system removes this fear entirely.


5. Help build a more sustainable cleaning product supply chain. 

The cleaning industry still has much more to achieve in the realm of sustainability --- but wide adoption of dissolving pacs is a major step forward. Perhaps one day all consumers and businesses alike will buy cleaners in this way. But until then, we will strive to continue making progress.

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With dissolving pac cleaners, green no longer has to be expensive. We are firm believers in our revolutionary dissolving and reusable technology. If you’d like to try it for yourself, use the buttons below to request samples of our hand soap, or our disinfectant. Don’t take our word for it. Experience the difference with your own eyes!


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