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7 Great Dissolving Cleaning Products for Private Label

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Looking to create your own line of private label cleaning products that use the latest in dissolving technology, saving you time and money? 

Want to add your own branding and packaging design, choose from dozens of product blends, and even potentially design your own formula? Ready to dazzle your customers with your own branded products?

You’ve come to the right place. Below we examine seven great dissolving cleaning products for private label applications. 


citrusAll Purpose Cleaner (Citrus)

Quickly removes dirt, grease and grime while leaving the surface film-free. Ideal for use on floors, walls, counters, equipment, and painted areas. Cleans and deodorizes all washable surfaces. 



Glass Cleanerglass

Dissolves grease, films, smears and fingerprints. Excellent for use on glass windows, showcases and hard surfaces. Deposits an invisible coating that resists resoiling. 


NeutralFloorBagNeutral Floor Cleaner

A concentrated deodorizing floor cleaner specially-formulated to be used as part of a daily maintenance program for high-gloss floors. Thoroughly cleans dirt without dulling, hazing, or marring the original finish. No rinsing required. 


Bathroom CleanerNonAcid

Quickly combats water deposits and other sediments without harsh acids or caustic chemicals. Effectively cleans and deodorizes toilet bowls, urinals, basins, tubs, and tile. 



Laundry Detergent

A low-foaming detergent that effectively removes dirt and stains. Formulated to work in load all water temperatures and soil load conditions. Contains unique blends of surfactants, stain removers, water softeners, brighteners and odor eliminators.



All Purpose Heavy-Duty Cleaner

A powerful, ready-to-use, non-aerosol product for multipurpose supercleaning. Just spray on, agitate if necessary, then wipe off. Removes grease, grime, ink, smoke film, crayon and stains from all hard surfaces. Pleasant fragrance. 



Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

A concentrated floor cleaner formulated to be used as part of a daily maintenance program. Thoroughly cleans dirt and traffic soils including black heel marks. Its unique formulation is mild enough for daily cleaning, yet effective for deep scrubbing at stronger dilutions.



High-performance, safe, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, private label cleaning products from Aqua ChemPacs stand out from the rest.

portion conBenefits of private label dissolving cleaning products:

  1. Innovation and Differentiation: Water-soluble liquid dissolvable cleaners are gaining significant traction in the market. By adopting this technology, you can differentiate your brand from competitors. 
  2. Customer Convenience: With a simple drop or tablet, customers can easily and accurately dispense the right amount of cleaner for their specific needs. 
  3. Eco-Friendly Approach: These cleaners typically come in pre-measured, dissolvable packaging that reduces plastic waste and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with transportation. 
  4. Versatility and Safety: Water-soluble liquid dissolvable cleaners can be formulated for various cleaning applications, including surface cleaning, glass cleaning, floor cleaning, and more. They offer excellent performance and are safe to use on different materials. 
  5. Brand Exposure and Visibility: Private labeling these innovative cleaners allows you to imprint your brand name and logo prominently on the packaging. This increases brand exposure and visibility whenever customers use your products, further strengthening brand recognition and loyalty.
  6. Market Growth Potential: By introducing water-soluble liquid dissolvable cleaners under your own brand, you can tap into this expanding market segment and capture new customers who prioritize sustainability without compromising on performance.


Launching a private label cleaning product involves making an investment in testing, packaging design, and marketing. Choose ChemPacs and get ahead of the curve. 

  • 39 unique product formulations and nearly unlimited variations. 
  • Four formulating tanks of over 5,000 gallons of simultaneous mixing capacity.
  • Thousands of gallons of formulated product in stock and ready to convert.
  • A chemist who creates, maintains, and updates product formulas.
  • A wide variety of Green Seal certified products

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