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7 Takeaways from ISSA’s 2021 State of the Cleaning Industry Report

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Seven key ideas on what’s going on in the cleaning world in 2021 straight from ISSA Today Magazine. Industry insiders shared insights to paint a picture of what’s happening now, and what’s on the horizon. We've summarized a few of them here.

Note: this is just a quick look at some of the ideas presented. We encourage you to READ THE FULL REPORT. 

The State of the Industry: by Jeff Cross | ISSA Today Magazine

(AboveScreenshot from: ISSA Magazine January/February 2020)

light at the end of the tunnel in 2021 | state of the cleaning industry by issa today mag --- aqua chempacs1. A light at the end of the tunnel

While the darkest days of the pandemic are likely behind us, we’ve had many sleepless nights, and we’re embracing technology and innovation to persevere. 


2. Cleaning pros are pushing through huge challenges

Bravo to cleaning professionals across the globe for rising to the occasion.


3. Post-COVID sustainability & growth is in the spotlightMopBucketPac

And we therefore must take a long-term and solution-focused approach. 


4. Cleaning has gone from mundane to essentialhygiene theater --- issa state of the industry --- aqua chempacs

Our industry’s response has been heroic during the pandemic. And that has not gone unnoticed. As a matter of fact...


5. Cleaning now creates a competitive advachecking out at the store in the age of covidntage

Those who can demonstrate safe and healthy facilities, as the world opens back up, have a clear edge.

6. More buying online by B2B customers

ISSA is seeing larger trends towards web-based research and purchasing in cleaning products.

7. Staying relevant in “the new normal”zoom call illustration

Cleaning product sales teams are revisiting their value propositions --- doing virtual selling and facilitating online orders in a changing landscape. 

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