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Americans Expect Touchless Restrooms

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Popular Survey Sheds Light on Public Restroom Precautions

What's one remnant of the pandemic seemingly guaranteed to stick around? Higher standards for public restrooms. Americans are increasingly expecting touchless fixtures in public restrooms --- in the workplace, in retail stores, and in restaurants. That’s according to the 2021 Healthy Handwashing Survey™ by Bradley Corp as reported on Cleanlink.com

We’re even getting creative to avoid touch points in the restroom by:

  • Using paper towels on our hands as a barrier when we flush toilets
  • Flushing with our feet
  • Opening and closing doors with our rear ends.

Beyond that, more than half of participants surveyed said they had a negative impression of a business that does not have touchless fixtures. 

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Opportunities for upgrading to touchless restroom fixtures include:

  • Faucets
  • hand dryers
  • toilets
  • soap dispensers
  • and even doors.



What will the public restroom of the future look like? 

If current trends continue, and commercial establishments understand that restroom cleanliness contributes to brand image --- the the public facilities of the future will be touchless, automated, high tech, sustainable, and CLEAN. 



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