Anatomy of a ChemPac: Our Dissolving Cleaning Mission

An executive summary of an innovative and powerful cleaning product delivery system. 


What is a ChemPac?

A ChemPac is a concentrated cleaning solution encapsulated in a 100% water-dissolvable film. 

Ease & Versatility

ChemPacs work with quart-sized spray bottles, mop buckets, auto scrubbers, soap dispensers and more. Drop in the pac, add water to agitate with a stream, wait one minute, and ready to go. 

Unique Valueportion con

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. This unique delivery system brings portion control, inventory control, and process control all in one. Save up to 50% on cleaning chemical spend.

Production & Manufacturing Details

  • 70,000 sq. ft facility outside Philadelphia
  • 39 unique product formulations
  • A dozen stainless steel vertical form fill & seal machines
  • An in-house chemist
  • Formulation, packaging, and shipping all done in- house

aqua chempacs facility render

Safe & Simple Packaging

ChemPacs are color-coded, and come in resealable bags with large ID numbers displayed.

various aqua chempac products

What’s in YOUR Janitor’s Closet?

Custom kit designed for your space? Starter kits with refills? As much as you need, no more, no less.


Custom Cleaning Kits

On-location pilot tests available to design the perfect kit for you. Fast lead times, easy-to-use ordering portal. 


ACP+ now offers cleaning supplies --- your central cleaning hub. 



Space & Freight Savings

One truckload of concentrated ChemPacs = 38 truckloads of traditional cleaners. Cut your freight costs. 


Our customers include BSCs, retail stores, banks, universities, arenas, healthcare facilities, restaurants, transportation, and more. 

Green Certifications

Many of our products are EPA Safer Choice & Green Seal Certified.

Environmental Impact

Switching from traditional cleaners means decreased emissions, and ChemPacs use 94% less plastic than comparable alternatives.

Sustainable Mission

Our reusable delivery system has prevented tens of millions of single-use plastic cleaning bottles from reaching landfills and oceans.




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