Custom Cleaning Kits for Retail Stores:  Benchmarking & Pilot Tests

Kit-Glass-AllPurpose-DisinfectantFacilities management professionals, are you facing pressure to care about the environment, be socially responsible, and quickly respond to new regulations? Instead of just thinking about the bottom line, are you thinking about the triple bottom line; people, planet, and profits? Many of these pressures fall directly under the facilities management realm, and therefore this industry is under particularly close scrutiny. 

It’s not easy to get facilities management to be more sustainable. They face difficulties like changing market conditions, smaller budgets, training employees, and challenges related to adapting new technologies. 

But by benchmarking, facilities management companies and departments can overcome these challenges. Mike Boxall, a facility maintenance benchmarking professional explains in the July 2020 issue of ISSA Magazine, “By compiling a wealth of data that an organization is not even aware it is lacking, benchmarking can identify specific actions for an organization to take in order to significantly improve it’s day-to-day functionality and sustainability.”1

One-size-fits-all solutions are not good enough. So how can the facilities management world start benchmarking effectively? In terms of the environment, social responsibility, and regulations --- what can they start measuring right away to stay ahead of the curve? And how will they know that their hard work is producing results?

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Building Custom Cleaning Kits Using Benchmarking Pilot Tests

Custom cleaning kits take the mystery out of sustainability. Developed as the culmination of months of testing and refinement, they are easy to implement into your organization’s cleaning procedures.

Retail Store Cleaning Kit | Aqua ChemPacs

The Kit Development Process

First we will need to establish a pilot test with complete product inventory to establish actual usage needs and build a baseline report for kit creation.

Next we will analyze your plan and the pilot test data to build customized 30-60-90 day kits that fit your plan. The kit is created by store based on cleanable area, task, and frequency.


Three Critical Cleaning Product Areas to Measure & Manage

1. Portion Control

Dissolving packets of concentrated cleaning product are designed specifically for their containers, and precise measurements and chemical mixing at its most efficient. aqua chempacs 3 critical cleaning product areas to measure and manage


2. Inventory Control

Easily and consistently measure inventory and manage your chemical budget --- so you never have more or less chemical than you need.

Clutter is waste. It creates mistakes, and wastes time, space, and money.


3. Process Control

Once you have the correct inventory, any deviation will instantly uncover any cleaning process issues, allowing you to manage your cleaning quality and maximize your investment.

Having a simplified and standardized inventory in every location reduces misuse and skipped tasks --- and can extend the life of your key assets like hard floors, carpet, and restroom fixtures.

Educational support for kit products includes training videos, wall charts, and webcasts to improve cleaning quality and professionalism.

Aqua ChemPacs products are color-coded and numbered to ensure proper usage.



The Benefits of Using Custom Cleaning Kits


Cost Savings

Implementing the custom cleaning kit standardization process results in as much as a 50% decrease in cleaning supply spending.


Reducing Risk

Portion controlled delivery systems often reduce/eliminate human exposure to harmful chemicals. 

This delivery system insures that the common issues of changing water pressure, tip clogging, improper installation, and out-of-tolerance mixing are eliminated. No more OSHA non-compliance issues.


Peer Benchmarking & Data Analysis

Another benefit of using the Aqua ChemPacs custom cleaning kit is having access to industry peer benchmarking data on supply costs, process controls, scope of work analyses, reporting metric, and best practices.

Monthly inventory usage reports by location will be sent to your key stakeholders and any changes to space (openings, closings, remodels), scope of work, or regulatory issues will be addressed in real time.

Year-end inventory checks will catch any deviations in the execution of the scope of work, and your inventory will be adjusted in the next kit shipment, thereby guaranteeing that you won't incur any waste from improper chemical stock levels.


Cutting out Transportation Costs

Shipping, handling, purchase order generation, out-of-stock products, emergency shipments, and product substitutions are all costs that this standardization process will reduce or eliminate. These costs often vastly outweigh the cost of the cleaning chemicals themselves.


Pictured Above: a Disinfectant Cleaner for Mop Buckets pac | Our disinfectant is approved by the EPA to kill coronavirus.

Custom Cleaning Kit Case Studies

To help you better understand the impact of custom cleaning product kits, here are two real-world use cases.


1. 2000-Location Big Box Retailer

  • Daily restroom cleaning (3 restrooms)
  • Daily break room and spot mopping
  • 3 hours of daily auto scrubbing with 30-gallon scrubber
  • Impression area cleaning

Using custom cleaning kits, you might be surprised to know that this customer spends less than $2 per day per store for cleaning chemicals.


2. 5000-Location Small Box Retailer

  • Daily restroom cleaning
  • Entrance mopping
  • Interior/exterior glass cleaning

For this customer, a 90-day supply of cleaning products for a store weighs less than a bottle of water and costs them less than 35¢ per day for chemicals. 


Wrap Up

To recap, customized cleaning kits:
    • Are based on your scope of work
    • Fix costs
    • Are designed per location based on (square footage, tasks, and frequencies)
    • Improve quality of cleaning
    • Reduce chemical spend by up to 50%
    • Extend asset life (floors, carpets, and bathroom fixtures)
    • Employ a lean inventory approach
    • Eliminate clutter and plastic waste
    • Promote process control
    • Cut transaction costs
    • Lower labor costs
    • Enhance your corporate sustainability initiatives


Our pilot tests determine what you need. Our products are easy to use and implement into your cleaning routine, and our dissolving pac technology will Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 2.54.37 PMsave you time and money. 

Are you interested in conducting a 30-60-90-day cleaning product store pilot test? Use the link below to request a cleaning kit consultation from our experts.



1 Benchmarking for Sustainability: a powerful tool in an age of rapidly changing demands | June/July 2020 ISSA Magazine