Buying the Right Cleaning Products? 8 Factors to Consider

Plenty of options are available out there on the commercial cleaning market; some great, some a bit outdated and expensive. A wide range of products exists for things like disinfectant, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, hand soap, and more; and making a major purchasing decision without much research is certainly not recommended. With that in mind, here are seven things to think about when making selecting the ideal cleaning products.


1. Effectiveness 

How well does it do the job? Is the product effective in cleaning specific surfaces and materials? Is it effective against various types of germs and viruses, particularly in a healthcare or food service environment?

Using the right products can minimize the time and effort spent on cleaning, which in turn can lead to cost savings.


2. Cost Savings

An important consideration for the buyer is not only the initial cost but also the long-term cost-effectiveness. A product switch might be more expensive initially but could clean more effectively, or cut spend in other areas, reducing overall costs.


3. Safety 

Cleaning products often contain chemicals that can be harmful to people and the environment. Buyers will need to consider the safety of the product for the users, the occupants of the building, and the environment. This might involve checking for eco-friendly certifications and ensuring products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and free from harsh chemicals.


4. Availability & Inventory

Buyers need to have a consistent supply of products to avoid disruptions in cleaning routines. They might consider the reliability of the supplier, their capacity to meet demand, and their ability to deliver quickly in case of unexpected demand spikes.

aqua chempacs pac manufacturing facility 2The Aqua ChemPacs manufacturing plant located in Huntingdon Valley, PA

5. Compliance

Buyers must ensure that products are compliant with all applicable regulations. This can include: the specific chemicals involved, the concentration of those chemicals, and how they are to be used and disposed of.


6. Training Needs 

Some commercial cleaning products require specific procedures or equipment to use effectively and safely. The need for additional training or equipment can add to the overall cost and complexity of using a product. Buyers will need to evaluate whether their staff can use the product safely and effectively with their current skills and equipment, or if additional investment will be necessary.

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Aqua ChemPacs Glass Cleaner visual aid (with floor scrubber & mop bucket).

7. Brand Reputation and Reviews

The brand's reputation and reviews about the product also play a part in the decision-making process. A well-established brand with positive reviews often suggests a level of trust and assurance about the product's quality and effectiveness.


8. Supplies Included?

Do you have not only the right cleaning chemicals, but the right accessories as well? Getting mops, buckets, microfiber cloths, gloves, scrubbers and more from an all-in-one supplier is a convenient choice.


The relative importance of each of these factors can vary depending on the specific needs and priorities of the purchaser. Building service contractors may have different needs compared to a chain of retail stores.

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