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Dissolving Foaming Hand Soap Beats Cartridge Competitor in Independent Lab Test

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We are proud to announce that in recent independent lab testing, Aqua ChemPacs Rain foaming hand soap outperformed a popular industry peer in all attributes, including cleaning efficacy, lathering and rinsing ability, and feel on skin.


Products Involved:

  • Leading National Brand Automatic Hands-Free Foam Hand Sanitize Soap Dispenser
  • Aqua ChemPacs Rain Scent Foaming Hand Soap
  • Leading National Brand Automatic Dispenser
  • Leading National Brand Premium Foam Handwash with Skin Conditioners


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The study's scope and purpose was very simply to evaluate the performance of two different foaming hand soap options. These two delivery systems present a common choice many locations (stores, public buildings, corporate offices, etc.) must make: In our restrooms, should we go with a dissolving pac option or a cartridge-based solution?


How was the test conducted?

Efficacy testing of hand soaps as per GS-44/UL2784: 0.5 grams of a standard soil was applied to the front and back of the hands of the panelist and evenly distributed for 15 seconds. 

One automatic pump from the foaming dispensers was then placed on the hands and rubbed thoroughly for 15 seconds, while noting the lathering ability. 

The cleaner was then washed off with room temperature tap water. 

The overall cleaning and rinsing abilities were noted as well as the overall feel on the skin after towel drying. 

Six panelists completed the testing outlined and gave individual ratings on three attributes:

  • Cleaning ability
  • Lathering/rinsing
  • Feel on skin

Attributes were rated 1-9, with 1 being poor and 9 being excellent. 



CHEMPACS 8.3 ✅ 5.2 ✅ 8.3 ✅



Research Conclusion: Both the Rain Scent Hand Soap and the leading national brand Premium Foam Handwash have comparable performance on each of the testing attributes. 


ChemPacs Hand Soap; better in your hands, better for the earth. HandSoapCartridgeLandfill

Beyond just being preferred by its users, ChemPacs Hand Soap represents far less plastic waste than using disposable leading national brand cartridges. As the pacs dissolve into their dispenser, there's no plastic waste produced, so there's no worrying about recycling cartridges, or worse, having them end up in a landfill.



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