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Churning Out Dissolving Cleaning Pacs By the Tens of Millions

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Introducing our new 70,000+ square-foot facility in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Seven times larger than our previous manufacturing plant, it features a chemistry lab, a large loading dock, and a pac production capacity in the tens of millions. 

Here pacs of 39 different cleaners and hand soaps are made "from cradle to grave," they’re manufactured, packaged, and shipped all in this space. 

Clients receive products directly so there’s no need for distributors and freight forwarders. Batch lot traceability and inventory control brings peace of mind (when product was made, what trucks it traveled on, etc.)

We stand behind our products 100%. When properly used and stored, they will not leak, burst, or otherwise degrade in any way.

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When looking for a cleaning product manufacturing partner, you need a white glove service; a provider who makes on time deliveries, meets promised deadlines, uses great packaging, and shows a proven track record of quality control.

Other dissolving cleaning manufacturers might have leaky pods, or moisture in their products, or they might just manufacture and need lots of help with shipping.

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But Aqua ChemPacs can do it all, and we have no leakers; just a fully automated manufacturing process from beginning to end. 

Learn more about our dissolving cleaning product contract packaging options.