Commercial Cleaning Kits of 2021: What’s Inside?

Are you buying your cleaning products ad-hoc, aka the old fashioned way? Get with the times

Facilities maintenance departments at retail stores, environmental service firms and building service contractors have a lot of responsibilities. They need to clean effectively, fall within budget, and manage staff among other duties.

But one thing they no longer have to worry about is buying the right cleaning products in the right amounts and the right frequencies.

That’s where custom commercial cleaning kits come in.

Designed specifically for each unique space to be cleaned (retail store locations, schools, banks, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial facilities) --- custom cleaning kits take the hassle out of selecting and re-ordering cleaning products. 

The kits address three key areas: portion control, inventory control, and process control. Let’s look at how…


Developing the Cleaning Kit: Pilot Test

The kit development process starts with the pilot test. During this 30-day discovery period, we’ll collaboratively look at: what cleaning products you use, how much of each, how we can reduce your total spend, how to manage inventory control, how to bundle kits most efficiently. 


At the culmination of the pilot test, we’ll have a custom product stack recommendation ready to roll out in the form of a uniquely-designed kit. 

The kits are built based on the findings of the pilot test relating to:

  • square footage of cleanable area, 
  • worker tasks and protocols
  • and cleaning frequency. 


Take Control of Your Commercial Cleaning Routine

Portion Control

When each dissolvable cleaning product in your kit is specifically designed for its container, you’ll be using proper portions & concentrations each and every time. 



Inventory Control

When your supply of concentrated dissolvable cleaning products fits neatly in a janitor’s closet, and can be easily monitored. No more clutter, no more waste.


Process Control

Commercial cleaning kits streamline your processes, and can uncover any issues quickly. Cleaning personnel will have access to wall charts and educational info on how to clean properly to extend the life of hardwood floors, carpets, and restroom fixtures. 


What’s in the kits?

Depending on need, your custom commercial cleaning kit could include a combination of the following cleaning products:

  • DisinfectantEMAIL-HeroImage-HandSoap-square
  • Glass cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Hand soap
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Odor eliminator


Your kit might also contain any necessary cleaning supplies, including but not limited to:
  • mops
  • microfiber cloths
  • other cleaning tools
  • whatever is needed to get the job done.

custom cleaning kit 2021 aqua chempacs example

Commercial Cleaning Kit Benefits Overview

  • Save up to 50% on cleaning supplies. 
  • Reduce worker exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Compare your cleaning product usage vs. industry peers & other known benchmarks
  • Eliminate last minute ordering of products with expensive rushed shipping.

Real World Use Cases

A 2000-location big box retailer cleans their three restrooms daily, does daily break room cleaning and spot mopping, does around three hours of auto scrubbing their floors, and conducts regular “impression area” cleaning. Using our custom commercial cleaning kits, this large retailer spends less than $2 per day per store on cleaning chemicals. 

A 5000-location small box retailer cleans their one restroom per store daily, does entrance mopping, and does interior and exterior glass cleaning. Using a 90-day custom commercial cleaning kit, this retailer spends less than 35 cents per day per store on cleaning chemicals. 

Ready to conduct a pilot test of your cleaning supply usage? Want to uncover areas for savings and efficiency upgrades? Use the link below to schedule a consultation. Restrictions apply. 

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