Retail Consumers Name Cleaning & Sanitizing as Top Priority

Consumer Confidence Cleanliness study | ACP Commercial Disinfectant Supplier

A recent study by the International Council of Shopping Centers found that when it comes to returning to stores and resuming normal shopping habits, one consumer concern stands out above all else. Click here to download the recent study.

Frequent cleaning and sanitizing was the top concern among consumers as far as making them more likely or more comfortable with visiting physical shopping spaces.

The consumer’s second top priority (62%), was making sure the store has ample hand sanitizing stations and/or disinfectant wipes available.


Other important safeguards for consumer confidence included:

  • Stricter regulations & health standards (41%)
  • Temperature checks (31%)
  • Reducing face-to-face interactions (31%)

Now more than ever, retail chains across the country are reevaluating (and building upon) their cleaning protocols and procedures.

Companies are implementing plexiglass shields, using more hand soap and sanitizer dispensers, and increasing the frequency and intensity of their cleaning practices.

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