Customized Cleaning Kits for Retail Stores: Making the Switch

Re-thinking clean in the retail store setting
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The "old fashioned way" to clean a retail store involved constantly buying enormous amounts of premixed cleaning solutions, chemicals, dispensers, and miscellaneous supplies, and having little visibility into efficiency, value, or environmental impact. But all that has changed today, thanks in part to customized kits of dissolving concentrated cleaning products.

Now more than ever, major chains are changing the way they buy cleaning products for their janitorial personnel. No longer are they buying bulky liquid cleaners in a haphazard manner. Instead they are deliberately and scientifically designing combinations of products (kits), and repurchasing based on need. Buying in this way helps keep costs down and operational efficiency up. It also prevents millions of pounds of plastic waste from ending up in landfills.

Retail Store Cleaning Kit | Aqua ChemPacs

Pictured above: a sample starter kit of retail store dissolving cleaning products (disinfectant, glass cleaner, and heavy duty cleaner).


Building a Custom Kit

Some of the criteria that helps inform the kit includes:

  • Square footage of the storeRepeat2-768x521
  • Types of surfaces
  • Amount of foot traffic
  • Budget
  • Cleaning protocols
  • Janitorial staff needs and feedback

As cleaning products remain in the spotlight in 2020 --- especially in retail store settings, the popularity of customized cleaning kits has been growing exponentially. Store cleanliness remains a top consumer concern according to industry studies.

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Unique Kit Innovations

Some kit innovations might involve

  • using convenient and self-contained space-saving packaging,
  • making recommendations on the specific product stack, or even
  • combining tools and cleaning products in creative ways.


RedDisQts GSglass1aqua chempacs handsoap


Cleaning Kit Pilot Tests

Part of the process in developing a kit for a particular store involves conducting a pilot test. We’ll need to get unique insight into your exact cleaning needs. Over the course of 60 days, we’ll look at the following:

  • Which particular cleaning products are you using today?
  • At what level of usage? 
  • How can we reduce spend and reduce waste?
  • How can we better manage inventory control?
  • How can we bundle chemical and tool kits effectively?

custom cleaning kits - commercial cleaning supplier Aqua ChemPacs

While this trend continues, keep in mind that most bulk cleaning products are not currently sold in this way. Many businesses go on using the old style of purchasing supplies ad-hoc. That’s why custom cleaning kits full of ChemPacs might just change the way you think about cleaning your business. A kit for a pharmacy might look very different from a kit for a big box store, or a kit for a smaller retailer, and so on.


Next Steps | Building a Custom Kit

If you are interested in switching to the kit model and seeing how much that might save you, follow the link below. We’ll send you samples and discuss the next steps for the pilot test.

Produced in Trevose, PA, our dissolvable ChemPacs are trusted in many of the top retail chains in the country. We offer a full line of dissolvable cleaning products including disinfectant, hand soap, glass cleaner, and more.


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Retail Store Cleaning Kit | Aqua ChemPacs