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Dissolving Pac Cleaning Kits: Sanitary, Sparkling and Saving You Money

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What cleaning supplies do we need? How much? How often? Are we getting the best deal? Is our current cleaning routine wasteful? 

Custom dissolving cleaning kits take the mystery out of cleaning commercial spaces. Developed through testing and refinement, they’re easy to implement and can be ideal for everything from franchise stores, restaurants and pharmacies to airports, casinos and sports stadiums. 

chempacs dissolving cleaning kit for commercial cleaning

Pilot Test & Kit Creation

First we conduct a pilot test on the location’s complete product inventory to establish usage needs and build a baseline report for kit creation.

Next we’ll analyze pilot test data to build customized 30-60-90 day kits. The kit is created for each store/location based on cleanable area, task, and frequency.

aqua chempacs dissolving cleaning kit for stores

Peer Benchmarking Data

Together, we’ll review industry peer benchmarking data on supply costs, process controls, scope of work analyses, reporting metric, and best practices. 


Usage Reports 

Key stakeholders will receive monthly inventory usage reports by location. Any changes to space (openings, closings, remodels), scope of work, or regulatory issues will be addressed in real time.


Inventory Checks

If year-end inventory checks catch any deviations in the execution of the scope of work, inventory will be adjusted in the next kit shipment, thereby guaranteeing that no waste will be incurred from improper chemical stock levels.


Cost Savings 50%?

Implementing the custom dissolving cleaning kit standardization process results in as much as a 50% decrease in cleaning supply spending. Shipping all that water with traditional cleaners really adds up. 


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Superior Delivery System = Superior Clean

This delivery system eliminates the common issues of changing water pressure, tip clogging, improper installation, and out-of-tolerance mixing. And portion-controlled delivery systems often reduce/eliminate human exposure to harmful chemicals. A simplified and standardized inventory in every location reduces misuse and skipped tasks --- and can extend the life of your key assets like hard floors, carpet, and restroom fixtures.

Educational support for kit products includes training videos, wall charts, and webcasts. Once you have the correct inventory, any deviation will instantly uncover any cleaning process issues, allowing you to manage your cleaning quality and maximize your investment.


Dissolving pac cleaning kits:

  • Are based on your specific scope of work
  • Keep your cleaning chemical and supply costs fixed
  • Are designed per location based on (square footage, tasks, and frequencies)
  • Improve the quality of cleaning 
  • Reduce chemical spend by up to 50%
  • Extend asset life (floors, carpets, and bathroom fixtures)
  • Allow you to employ a lean inventory approach
  • Eliminate clutter and plastic waste
  • Promote process control
  • Cut transaction costs
  • Lower labor costs
  • Enhance corporate sustainability initiatives
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Interested in building your own dissolving cleaning kit?