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Five Cleaning Chemical Mistakes to Avoid

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Cleaning big box stores, supermarkets, banks, and pharmacies is hard work. There are a lot of pieces involved, and there's plenty of room for error, errors that can lead to:
  • extra cleaning work
  • wasting money
  • putting employees and customers at risk
  • ineffective cleaning

And many potential mistakes are related to the use of cleaning chemicals. Here are a few of the most common commercial cleaning chemical mistakes, according to CMMOnline


Not reading labels & instructions
cleaning chemical mistakes - aqua chempacs

Sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked when you do something so much. Labeling issues (including not reading them) can cause staff to use the wrong formulas or the wrong products for certain applications.


Using the wrong products

Without proper training in place, workers can end up using the wrong product for the job, sometimes over and over again. Know when to use disinfectant, glass cleaners, floor cleaners, and extra strength bathroom cleaners, etc. 


Combining chemicals in a dangerous waycombining cleaning chemicals can be dangerous --- aqua chempacs

When mixed in certain ways, common cleaners like bleach, vinegars, and alcohols can turn into toxic and potentially lethal gases such as chlorine gas, chloramine, and chloroform.  


Incorrect measurements/dilution

If there are dilution issues, you’ll either not have enough cleaner to get the job done, or more likely, you’ll use much more cleaning product than you really need, and waste a lot of money in the process. 


dirty mop buckets --- cleaning chemical mistakes --- aqua chempacsImproper use and cleaning of cleaning supplies

If you’re not practicing cleanliness with your supplies, you will be contaminating your space. Mop buckets, floor scrubber filters, and microfiber cloths are particularly bad offenders. 


Avoid these common pitfalls to be more successful in your cleaning efforts. 



At Aqua ChemPacs we are committed to helping our customers use cleaning products the right way --- cutting their costs in half.

  • ACP cleaning supplies are color-coded, consistent, and easy to read. 
  • 100% dissolving pacs are perfectly portion controlled --- removing any guesswork. 
  • Unique delivery system eliminates the need for dangerous chemical mixing. 
  • Re-using bottles and never shipping pre-mixed can save big money on cleaning chemicals, and help save the environment.



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