Freight Delays, Rising Costs, and Supply Chain Havoc in 2021

As we head into the 2021 Holiday Season, global supply chain disruptions are getting major attention (and headlines). New cars and computer chips receive most of the news coverage, but the effects are being felt across other industries as well. Products affected include cars, toys, semiconductors, home furnishings, and cleaning products, specifically cleaning chemicals. 

Back in August, CleanLink reported that the National Association of Chemical Distributors along with the Council of Chemical Association Executives called for a joint hearing by the Federal Maritime Commission and the Surface Transportation Board to discuss the situation. They pointed out that many chemical products are no longer manufactured here in the U.S., and we as a country rely heavily on imported shipments to operate. Emphasizing the severity of the issue, they declared "it's time to move beyond fact-finding exercises and towards concrete actions."


Supply Chain Disruption Themes in 2021:

  • Material scarcity
  • Increasing freight prices
  • Difficult demand forecasting
  • Bottlenecks at ports
  • Not enough truck drivers

Impacts on the commercial cleaning industry include higher freight costs, longer waits for delivery, and difficulty gauging how much product to buy. Opinions are mixed on how long these trends might continue, but until then, it’s wise to do what you can to safeguard yourself from any potential disruptions. 

So how can commercial cleaning operations safeguard themselves against these disruptions?

  • Build up inventory
  • Invest in the right technology (advanced inventory management software)
  • Gain deeper insight into your supply levels across your operation
  • Incorporate risk management tactics into your supply chain


Aqua ChemPacs is committed to helping our customers navigate these supply chain disruptions. Our sales team works tirelessly to ensure shipments arrive on time, and customers have visibility into the status of their orders. aqua chempacs are made in the usa

Our products are made in the USA, and our custom cleaning kits, delivered quarterly, map out your needs for the entire year, providing stability and predictability in your purchasing. We are here to alleviate your cleaning chemical supply chain concerns. 

aqua chempacs transporting 500,000 quarts of commercial cleaning supplies

hand soap shipping comparison | aqua chempacs

With the high costs of freight in clear focus, it’s now more important than ever to use a cleaning solution that minimizes shipping weight. That’s why using concentrated dissolving cleaners instead of premixed solutions is critical.


Contact us today to see how much you can save in freight costs, plastic waste, and physical space.