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Green Cleaning is Here to Stay: Here’s  How (and Why) to Get Started

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commercial cleaning conceptMoving towards a more sustainable cleaning model comes with plenty of benefits. 

  • Customers prefer companies with greener practices. 
  • Investors look at ESG performance. 
  • Cleaning staff want less harsh products.
  • Management wants cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. 

But it can be hard to know where to even begin. Here are six ways to get started being more sustainably focused with your commercial and industrial-scale cleaning operation. 


1. Do away with bleach and harsh chemicals. Fewer hazards equal lower liabilities. Switch to equally-effective and more natural options.

2. Use microfiber cloths.These washable and reusable dirt magnets get the job donemicrofiber cloth completely and economically, unlike paper towels, rags, or other less effective options.

3. Reuse cleaning bottles and spray triggers. Save on plastic waste and janitor closet space by reusing bottles over and over again.

4. Institute regular employee training. Include ample signage, video, and pictorial directions whenever possible. Ensure that proper dilution is used, filters are changed as needed, and that other key maintenance takes place. 

5. Look for Green Seal certification. When choosing a cleaning productgreen seal certified transparent and/or service, look for the Green Seal, indicating that the company has put in the effort to receive this important distinction. 

6. Share sustainable accomplishments. Loop in investors, staff, and all stakeholders. Encourage future improvements and connect with the greater mission. 


Side benefits of switching to sustainable cleaning practices include; saving money in the process, boosting brand loyalty and consumer confidence, and improving the health and safety of everyone involved in your physical space. 

Aqua ChemPacs dissolving cleaners are just one part of a robust sustainable cleaning program. We aim to reduce plastic waste and greenhouse gas emissions in the industry with our unique cleaning delivery system solution. 

To learn more about switching from traditional cleaners to dissolving ones, visit our contact page to talk to our team, or request samples of disinfectant and hand soap


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