Hand Soap Dissolvable Pacs: Sustainability & Environmental Impact

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Beyond just the massive cost savings associated with switching to from traditional soap bags and cartridges to dissolving hand soap pacs, this delivery system is also much friendlier to the environment. Below we will look at the environmental impact of using traditional hand soap at scale, and the implications of switching to a more sustainable approach.

Schools, distributors and large retailers all take their carbon footprints very seriously. You want to know that your supply chain is doing all it can to promote sustainable practices. 

Each time a traditional soap cartridge or bag is discarded (usually with some soap still left inside) that represents a substantial amount of plastic waste.


When you think about the amounts involved, the numbers can be staggering. Just 120 dispensers' worth of single use soap might weigh up to 360 pounds.

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91% of plastics are not recycled, and much of that ends up in landfills and oceans. We need to stop only thinking about what can we do with plastic waste once it's created, and instead think about what can we do to prevent it from being created in the first place.


To that end,  we believe that it's time to fundamentally reevaluate the way we use hand soap. Rather than constantly throw away plastic bags and cartridges, we must switch to a more workable long-term model. When your concentrated soap pacs dissolve right into your dispenser, you cut out substantial waste in the process.

Aqua ChemPacs | Hand Soap


Over the last year alone, ChemPacs technology has prevented more than 7 million bottles, more than 1.3 million pounds of plastic waste from being discarded into landfills. This is possible because our Hand Soap ChemPacs:

  • Contain no excessive packaging and
  • Remove the cartridge, bottle, and/or bag out of the equation

Minimal packaging means that Hand Soap ChemPacs:

  • Contribute to less emissions (up to 97% less than alternatives)
  • Greatly reduce landfill waste

aqua chempacs transporting 500,000 quarts of commercial cleaning supplies


The Hand Soap ChemPac Delivery System




Hand Soap ChemPacs replace the traditional bottles, cartridges, and bags altogether and instead employ a totally dissolvable concentrated soap pac the size of a packet of ketchup or mustard.



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