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New Packaging To Use 87% Less Plastic

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Here at Aqua ChemPacs, we are always striving to be more sustainable. To that end, we constantly look for ways to reduce waste and emissions and prevent single-use plastics from reaching landfills and water ways.

Cumulatively, the United States produced 40 million tons of plastic waste in 2021, and only about 5% of that, or 2 million tons, was recycled. More than a third (36%) of all plastic produced is used to create some sort of packaging. And 85% of that ends up in landfills.

We look at these facts and ask ourselves, how can we do better?


Starting in January 2023, we will be switching from using plastic jars to flexible, stand-up bags. This change will mean that our packaging will use 87% less plastic and will take up about half the space.


"I'm proud and excited to push the envelope of sustainable product design and always improve our efforts to reduce waste and save space for our customers."

--- Peter Belusic, Aqua ChemPacs CEO



These new bags are durable and keep the pacs thoroughly protected inside. With Aqua ChemPacs, you never pay to ship water, and now you won't be paying to ship air either!

We will be displaying our new packaging at the ISSA Show North America October 10th through 13th at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago on. Come see us at booth #4432.


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