Supply Chain Issues Persist in Commercial Cleaning in 2022: ISSA

Prior to 2020, we had all been taking the supply chain for granted. This complex global network involves a lot of moving pieces: ships, trucks, planes, boats, machinery, etc. And it’s subject to geopolitical circumstances. 

The pandemic has highlighted the weak links. Some problems have been addressed already, and others have not. Meanwhile, everyone has been affected. Supply chain issues lead to inflation; prices go up when everyone is willing to pay more because demand is so high. 

Just-in-time supply chain models are great, until they have disruptions. They’re only as strong as their weakest link. As we’ve seen, raw materials aren’t always available right away. 

Sustained strong demand across the board throws things into disarray. It can interfere with forecasting models and strategic plans. This time, it wasn’t a localized shortage, but a worldwide, once-in-a-lifetime event with borders closed, containers sitting at ports with no trucks to drive them, and freight costs rising quickly. 

No one knows for sure when this all might end, but many experts are eyeing the 3rd quarter of 2022, or early in 2023 as a timetable for a return to a relatively normal state. 


So what can we do to sure-up our supply chains in the cleaning space?

Stay in close touch with your suppliers. supply chain issues 2022 cleaning products 2 acp

Buy locally if you can.

Get more personnel involved in procurement. 

Allocate more people to the critical task of buying supplies. 

Find alternative sources when possible.

Think about how you source your materials. Are there areas for improvement and/or decentralization?


Keep in mind, sometimes major challenges bring major opportunities. Addressing your supply chain troubles today, along with rethinking how you do things overall could pay major dividends for the next decade and beyond. Can you use this as a chance to become leaner, more sustainable, and more flexible?  


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Supply Chain Crunch: A State of the Industry special report on current and emerging issues. By Jeff Cross, Media Director ISSA Magazine January/February 2022, pages 12-16.