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The Future of Sustainably Packaged Cleaning Products

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Cleaning product packaging is ready for disruption. But what will that really look like?

Traditional cleaning product packaging (premixed liquids in single use plastic containers) has worked for the past 100 years or so, keeping people safe and businesses up and running. But it also brings some major problems --- namely plastic waste and carbon emissions.

The following info-graphic highlights four important trends we should all be keeping an eye on in product packaging across the board.

smithers infographic on packaging trends

Source: Smithers Research & Consultants, 2019: https://www.smithers.com/resources/2019/feb/future-packaging-trends-2018-to-2028


To recap those four packaging trends:

  • 1) Continued economic growth
  • 2) Packaging technology innovation
  • 3) E-commerce driving packaging differentiation
  • 4) Packaging as a security measure


Rethinking the Cleaning Product Delivery Method

Mass adoption of sustainable cleaning product delivery systems  --- among consumers and companies --- presents a few major challenges. 

Consumers want more sustainable packaging. Businesses care about their social responsibility. And therefore, there’s plenty of opportunity for innovation. But there are multiple things to think about…

Are you using cleaning products that are lightweight, flexible, portable, and that use sustainable packaging?


What Can We Do?

Recycling will only get us so far. We have to look at the entire LIFECYCLE of the cleaning product; from initial production to disposal and everything in between.

Plastic Bottle Waste Information | Aqua ChemPacs


  • A full supply-chain-wide approach (alignment of all parties involved)
  • Use renewable resources & reusable products
  • Low impact on environment
  • Low carbon footprint

Today's consumers recycle. But they also think that companies should take the lead. And plastic waste is a top consumer concern --- especially when it ends up in our oceans. 

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN):

  • At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year, and make up 80% of all marine debris from surface waters to deep-sea sediments.
  • Marine species ingest or are entangled by plastic debris, which causes severe injuries and deaths.
  • Research and innovation to develop new products to replace single-use plastics is necessary.

Source: https://www.iucn.org/resources/issues-briefs/marine-plastics

Meanwhile, manufacturers are under pressure to be more and more efficient and address consumer demands. 


ChemPacs package soap, disinfectant, and other cleaning products in a modern and efficient way.

Here to Stay

Sustainability-focused innovation in cleaning product packaging is here to stay. So what can we all do going forward?

  • Use recycled materials --- reuse our bottles as many times as possible
  • Support recycling practices in your operations
  • Minimize carbon footprint
  • Maintain safety standards
  • Use dissolving concentrated cleaning pacs instead of pre-filled bottles


ChemPacs dissolving disinfectant comes in two versions, one for bottles, and one for mop buckets (pictured above).



What EXACTLY does the future of sustainable cleaning products look like? We're not 100% sure --- but we do know that the cleaning products of the future will dissolve. And they'll come in a VERY small package.

We are proud to be a part of this global mission to sustainably package cleaning products. Join us as we work together on this important cause.