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Using Auto Scrubbers for Hard Floor Cleaning: A Quick Pros & Cons List

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Looking for ways to take your cleaning game to the next level? Whether you run a facilities maintenance company, lead a janitorial or environmental services staff, or make operations decisions for a large retail store chain, you want to have the best tools for the job. 

When cleaning hard surface floors, you probably have come across auto scrubbers. These futuristic looking devices (some of them are even robotic now) are a potential option to replace your traditional mops and buckets. But are they right for YOU? Here’s a quick rundown on the pros and cons of these machines to help you make that determination. 

✅ Using Auto Scrubbers Pros: ✅

  • Easiest, safest, and most efficient way to clean hard floors
  • Make floors dry and non-slip
  • Great for restrooms, specifically for removing dirt from grout lines
  • Do the job in one pass (more effective cleaning)
  • Feature an ergonomic design, preventing cleaning crew injuries
  • Save on cleaning chemicals & water usage
  • Multiple models available to fit your space and your needs
  • Some models can clean more than 10,000 square feet per hour


⛔ Using Auto Scrubbers Cons: ⛔

  • Require proper training & maintenance
  • Filling, draining, rinsing all must be done right
  • Large upfront investment (can be up to $5,000)
  • Rely on batteries (must remember to charge)


Remember, the more you use your auto scrubber on your floors, the more value you'll derive from the product. While an upfront investment is involved, you'll likely see a substantial return pretty quickly. When choosing an auto scrubber model, be sure to consider: width of area to be cleaned, tank size, machine speed, and battery life.


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Aqua ChemPacs Floor Scrubber Tips


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