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Breaking Free From Single-Use Plastics: Earth Day Celebration

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Earth Day is (almost) here and we are celebrating!

Thursday is the 51st annual recognition of this important day across the globe. The day, dedicated to broad support for environmental protection, is recognized by almost every country. 

Here are just a few of the ways that EarthDay.org suggests that we all get involved:

At Aqua ChemPacs, one of our top points of focus is helping our clients to break free from single-use plastics in their cleaning routines. Big box stores, large retail chains, and building service contractors do a lot of cleaning --- and depending on the delivery system(s), they can produce tremendous amounts of waste too.

Aqua ChemPacs Dissolving Cleaner Pacs

But when your cleaning product packaging dissolves in water, you throw away less plastic. A lot less. You re-use your bottles over and over and over again. In fact, in the last year alone the ChemPacs dissolving technology has prevented an estimated 36 million bottles, or 7 million pounds of plastic from ending up in landfills and oceans. That’s equal in weight to:

    • Six Airbus A380 jets carrying their full 853 passengers each (and their luggage), or 
    • 280 school buses full of children, or an astonishing
    • 700,000 10-lb dumbbells worth of plastic, in just one year.

plastic bottle weight saved in one year visualization | Aqua ChemPacs

That's quite a bit of plastic --- every year.


This is part of a broader effort to move towards sustainable cleaning solutions --- throughout the product life-cycle (creation, shipment, packaging, use, disposal). 


More Work to Be Done

At the same time, we know there is much work still to be done. We are constantly innovating to find superior delivery methods for our cleaning products. 

Potential future packaging & product innovations here at Aqua ChemPacs include:

  • Replacing our vials with more sustainable containers.
  • Using more natural derivatives in our products.
  • Analyzing the chemistry and viability of new solutions in packaging. 
  • Looking critically at all aspects of packaging (entire lifecycle).
  • Educating consumers on non-disposable cleaning options.
  • Listening to customer suggestions and feedback!

Dissolvable Cleaning Pacs

Promising Trends in Cleaning Sustainability

Companies are Tuned In to Sustainability

81% of companies1 are more focused on sustainability than they were just three years ago, and as we recover from the pandemic, we will realize that customer expectations around sustainability have evolved tremendously, and this will be a driver of savings in the future.2 As we like to say, going green no longer has to be expensive.


Millennials Driving Trends

Millennials, soon to be our nation’s largest portion of the workforce and consumer base, feel strongly about environmental causes. Studies have shown that members of this key demographic

  • Look at a company’s commitment to the environment before deciding whether to work there.
  • Don’t want to work for companies that don’t demonstrate strong values. 
  • Are more likely to be loyal to social & environmentally-focused firms.
  • Are more fulfilled at jobs where they make a positive impact on the environment.3


We understand that it's not just up to consumers to address environmental issues. Corporations have a duty to make smart changes to keep us on a sustainable path. Luckily, nowadays, it's becoming easier to make these changes --- and not only that, it actually saves big money!

We need to stop thinking only about what we can do with plastic waste once it's created, and instead think about what we can do to prevent it from being created in the first place. We take great pride knowing our pacs replace heavy, outdated conventional cleaning products with lightweight packaging.green seal certified transparent

Meanwhile, we are relentlessly focused on water-soluble innovation in the cleaning products world --- not just to satisfy customer demand for sustainability, but also to help protect our planet. Our mission is to make cleaning more sustainable and keep people and businesses safe, clean, and healthy.


Green Seal is a global non profit organization whose certification mark is a universal symbol that a product, cleaning service or facility meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership. Several of our cleaning products have earned this prestigious certification.

cleanpacs planting trees for earth day


Last but not least, CleanPacs, our consumer brand, is planting trees this year for Earth Day, pledging to plant one tree for every order placed on the site



Happy Earth Day! And thank you to our valued customers who are helping the commercial cleaning world break free from single use plastics!



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