How to Cut Costs on Cleaning Spend (3 Tips)

3 Straightforward Ways to Take Control of a Commercial Cleaning Budget. 

When cleaning commercial spaces at scale, each line item on the budget can add up quickly. Even more so if you haven’t closely examined your spending in some time. With the cost of doing business going up with inflation, it’s important to take control of your cleaning budget. The goal is to keep costs down while not sacrificing on cleaning quality. 

With that in mind, here are three tips:


Embrace new technology to boost productivity

Switching to autoscrubbers, for example, can mean a major efficiency increase. One worker using a mop and bucket can clean approximately 3,500 sq ft per hour. That might sound like a lot, but using an auto scrubber, one worker can cover 15,000 sq ft in that time. Other upgrades to consider might include installing efficient soap dispensers or switching from pre-mixed to dissolving concentrated cleaners.


Take control of portion control 

Don’t let improper dilution levels eat into profits. When portions get too generous, the budget suffers. Use a cleaning system that’s pre-portioned and designed for its containers. Taking this route will avoid the need for mixing chemicals, uncover any errors in the cleaning process, and provide insights into inventory levels. 



Make training a top priority

When employees are extensively trained, errors and time spent reworking an area will be a thing of the past. Using visual aids like posters, placards and training videos are a great way to make sure everyone has access to the tools and knowledge they need to get the job done right. Make sure the training encompasses: safety precautions, PPE, equipment, cleaning product use, procedures, and the big picture. 


Visual aids and reminders reduce errors.

Of course, these are just three ways to reduce your cleaning product spend, but jump into all three and you'll see the savings add up in no time.

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