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How to use Dissolving Hand Soap Dispenser Pacs

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Washing our hands can be tremendously inefficient and wasteful, and we believe it's time to fundamentally rethink hand soap. That's why we've introduced a sustainable dissolving pac delivery system. Switching dispensers at all of your stores might seem like a daunting idea, but in most cases, the savings in freight makes up the difference in a year or less. Below, you'll learn how to use dissolving concentrated hand soap pacs, and how they might forever change the way you supply your restrooms.


Unlike using traditional hand soaps, this method does not involve throwing anything away. The pac dissolves entirely into the dispenser, and adding a new pac to refill a machine is a breeze. No more dealing with soap-laden plastic waste that's expensive to dispose of and harmful to the environment.



The Process

After installing your dispenser to the wall, using the delivery system is simple. 

  • Open the front portion of the dispenser
  • Drop in your dissolving hand soap ChemPac
  • Add water up to the line
  • Gently shake the bottle. 
  • Close the lid. 
  • You are ready to use. 


Open the front portion of the dispenser. Remove the bottle, and insert a hand soap pac.

aqua chempacs dissolving hand soap | commercial soap


Add water to the fill line.

aqua chempacs hand soap | step-by-step use


Close the lid. Gently shake the bottle.

aqua chempacs hand soap | shake step


Re-mount the bottle to the soap dispenser on the wall.

dissolving hand soap dispenser | aqua chempacs | how to use


You are ready to use.

dissolving hand soap dispenser | aqua chempacs commercial hand soap


Re-filling the Hand Soap Dispenser

When it’s time to refill the dispenser:

  • Open the front of the dispenser
  • Drop in your dissolving hand soap pac
  • Add water up to the line
  • Allow solution to mix. 
  • Gently shake the bottle.
  • Close the lid. 
  • You are ready to use (again).


Janitorial personnel love ChemPacs because of the ease-of-use, and finance departments love the major cost savings.

Beyond Soap

Now more than ever, major chains are changing the way they buy cleaning products for their janitorial personnel. No longer are they buying bulky liquid cleaners (and soaps) in a haphazard manner. Instead they are deliberately and scientifically designing combinations of products (kits), and repurchasing based on need. Buying in this way helps keep costs down and operational efficiency up. It also prevents millions of pounds plastic waste from ending up in landfills.

Retail Store Cleaning Kit | Aqua ChemPacs

Produced in Trevose, PA, our dissolvable ChemPacs are trusted in many of the top retail chains in the country. We offer a full line of dissolvable cleaning products including disinfectant, hand soap, glass cleaner, and more. Use the link below to request hand soap samples.

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