New Packaging Launch Follow-Up: Big Hit or Big Whoop?

4 Takeaways from an Important Upgrade

In September 2022, we began rolling out our new bag-based packaging, doing away with our old vials and jars. As a result, our dissolving ChemPacs now use up to 87% less plastic than before. That’s right, a cleaning system that already eliminates single-use bottles is cutting out even more plastic.

Now in 2023, that packaging has successfully rolled out to all customers. We asked zack belusic Aqua ChemPacsZack Belusic, ChemPacs Director of Sustainability & Special Projects, how customers are faring with the change. Zack tells us that it’s been a very positive response, with several compliments ranging from improved sustainability, ease of use, and more efficient packaging. Since our launch there have been four themes that have emerged. 



One takeaway is that our private label customers are happy because now you can brand the entire front panel of the bag. There’s a lot more room to work with from a creative branding standpoint. We are definitely excited to see all of the possible customer designs!


aqua chempacs rain foaming hand soap

Space Savings

There’s also just a lot less wasted space involved. And the weight reduction is substantial as well. You can fit far more pacs into janitor’s closets in bags than in other packaging. That’s really important considering the fact that janitor’s closets are a window into an organization


Production Speed

The new packaging, combined with our capabilities at our new manufacturing plant, have drastically cut production times which allow us to maintain current pricing while not passing on inflationary costs to our customers. We’ve cut out steps so our customers can reap the benefits. Many private label customers can be up and running in as little as 30 days. We’re ready to go, ready to grow, and here to scale with our customers’ production needs.

aqua chempacs pac manufacturing facility 2

Our manufacturing plant in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Safety in Transit

Some customers voiced concern that the pacs might have physical protection issues during shipment in the bags. But in fact, the flexibility they provide makes the pacs inside even safer, and less prone to damage. 



Asked about any additional packaging changes on the horizon, Zack mentioned that the team is working on implementing child-resistant features in future iterations.

We’re on a mission to remove single-use plastic from the commercial cleaning experience. And we will continue with innovation on that front for our customers. 

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