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The Importance of Reading Cleaning Product Labels

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A quick reminder, especially in larger commercial settings.

As we looked at the most common cleaning mistakes in 2021, one of them was essentially not reading product labels. When cleaning practices become routine, it’s important to pay attention to the basics. Make sure your staff is reading the label of each product used each time. Why? Because labels indicate: 


How to use the product safely and effectively

When using any industrial-strength cleaners, ignoring directions will negatively impact cleaning performance. If you misuse the product you put staff and customers at risk.

Aqua ChemPacs restaurant kit basic directions 3-1


Concentration/dilution information

We have seen cleaning personnel mistakenly using double or triple the necessary concentration levels for some cleaning products. 


Any warnings or hazardous chemicals involved

Combining cleaning chemicals incorrectly can potentially be very dangerous. 

 cleaning chempacs back label and directions

Make sure to read the fine print.


Allergen info and Poison Control information

Know what to do, if, for example, a worker has a cleaning solution come into contact with an eye or some other situation. Or if there is pertinent allergen information, perhaps related to fragrances. 


Commercial cleaning solutions involve a coordinated effort in terms of:

  • Product selection
  • Employee training
  • Equipment & maintenance, and 
  • Cleaning procedures. 

If there are any breaks in the chain, like in the case of not reading labels, the effort can fall short. Something often overlooked can put workers at risk, waste money on over-using cleaners, deteriorate equipment, and lead to ineffective cleaning. And oftentimes once the problem is discovered, it’s already too late and the damage has been done. 

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Aqua ChemPacs 100% dissolvable cleaning pacs for commercial applications are color coded by label and trigger, and clearly marked with instructions on how to dissolve the pacs and how to use the product. 

Labeled with large numerical product ID, they come in resealable packaging in the form of bags, boxes, jars, and child-resistant vials. 

Pre-labeled bottles and adhesive secondary labels are available with product information and precautions to inform employees and promote use-site safety and proper product selection.

Safe, sustainable, and affordable. 

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