How To Buy & Ship Bulk Hand Soap in 2020 (Dispenser Pacs)

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Out with the old, in with the new (soap).

In 2020, major retailers are fundamentally reevaluating their cleaning policies. They're increasing use of disinfectants, installing plexiglass barriers, changing hours for extra cleaning, buying deliberate stacks or kits of cleaning products, and making sure that they have a steady supply of large amounts of hand soap.



The old way of using and maintaining vast quantities of hand soap involved using dispensers that accept bags and or cartridges of soap. These bags and cartridges are premixed, and each time they need to be refilled, the maintenance person would remove and discard the plastic bag or cartridge and replace with a new one.


The Old Way: Two Major Flaws

The traditional way that retailers and distributors purchase bulk hand soap (in pre-filled cartridges) has at least two major flaws. 


Shipping & Freight Costs

1) You end up paying vastly more than you should on shipping costs, because with pre-mixed soap bags and cartridges, you are essentially paying to ship water thousands of times per year. Those costs add up very quickly.


(6lbs vs. 360lbs)glass-earth2-trimmed

A single bag of 120 concentrated dissolving hand soap pacs weighs 6 pounds --- and takes up 384 cubic inches of space. 

That same amount, 120 refills of conventional hand soap, on the other hand, can weigh up to 360 pounds and take up 9,480 cubic inches of space. 

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No more huge pallets of hand soap cartridges.



Plastic Waste

2) You are throwing away an enormous amount of plastic in this process. Each time you discard a single-use plastic soap bag or cartridge, that waste might end up in a landfill.

Traditional hand soap delivery systems involve throwing out massive amounts of plastic packaging, bottles, containers, and other single-use elements, but Hand Soap Pacs dissolve right into the dispenser --- saving money and the environment.



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Sample Hand Soap Pacs

To request a sample package (including a dispenser), use the link below. Try out our system yourself and understand how much you might save.

*limited availability of dispensers

Request a sample with free dispenser

Request samples with free dispenser



Learn More About Custom Cleaning Kits for Retail Stores

Retail Store Cleaning Kit | Aqua ChemPacs

Custom cleaning kit innovations might involve:

  • using convenient and self-contained space-saving packaging,
  • making recommendations on the specific product stack, or even
  • combining tools and cleaning products in creative ways.

Produced in Trevose, PA, our dissolving concentrated ChemPacs are trusted in many of the top retail chains in the country. We offer a full line of dissolving cleaning products including disinfectant, hand soap, glass cleaner, and more.