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Protecting Against The Omicron Variant

Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces Remains a Top Priority.

So far detected in California, New York,...

Color-Coded Cleaning: Safer, Easier, & Cost Effective

The surprising way one university drastically upped their infection control game.

Four Ways to Clean Your Space in a More Sustainable Way

Corporate sustainability is the future, and in many ways, it’s already here. Consumers have...

Freight Delays, Rising Costs, and Supply Chain Havoc in 2021

As we head into the 2021 Holiday Season, global supply chain disruptions are getting major...

What Are The Dirtiest Places Around The Office? Surprising Results

A recent study conducted by Furniture at Work UK, and highlighted in Cleaning Maintenance Management

The Importance of Reading Cleaning Product Labels

A quick reminder, especially in larger commercial settings.

Five Cleaning Chemical Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning big box stores, supermarkets, banks, and pharmacies is hard work. There are a lot of...

5 Ways Commercial Cleaning Can Impact the Bottom Line

The last year and a half has made cleaning absolutely essential, but that doesn’t make janitorial...

Commercial Cleaning Kits of 2021: What’s Inside?

Are you buying your cleaning products ad-hoc, aka the old fashioned way? Get with the times